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Beyond the Experience

Aperitivo Aperol 700 ML & Cinzano Pro 700 ML

Aperitivo Aperol 700 ML & Cinzano Pro 700 ML

Elevate your yacht adventure with the perfect spritz duo: Aperol Aperitivo and Cinzano Pro-Spritz. This iconic pairing combines Aperol's vibrant orange zest and bittersweet herbal undertones with Cinzano's sparkling pro secco, creating the ultimate refreshment. Ideal for sipping as you cruise the Caribbean with Beyond the Experience, this duo promises a lively, effervescent experience that encapsulates the spirit of summer, sea, and socializing. Turn moments into memories with every clink of the glass.

Includes: 1x Aperitivo Aperol 700 ml + 1x Cinzano Pro-spritz 700 ml

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